Twin Lakes Kennel, LLC
Lancaster,  Kentucky
Boarding and Obedience Training

"where they're on vacation too"


Question:      Do you provide dog day care?
Answer:       Yes.  Bring your friend to play for just the day while you are at work. 

Question:     When can I drop off or pick-up my dog at TLK?
Answer:      Monday through Friday between 9-10a.m. and 4-5p.m. are our regular
                     pickup and drop off times.  Other times throughout our business hours may be
                    scheduled  by appointment.  Saturday hours for drop off and pickup are between
                    9-10a.m.  We close at noon on Saturdays.  We are closed on Sunday and holidays                     for drop offs/pickups.  If you need to  schedule drop off or pickups before or after                     our business hours (Monday-Friday only), there is a $10 charge.   

Question:     What age dog is best to train?
Answer:      The best time to train your pet is starting between 4-5 months of age up to a
                     year  old.  
We do, however, train dogs who are older than a year old, but
                     earlier is ideal and the price to train dogs who are one year and up is higher. 
                     All  immunizations must be complete before training begins and  
                    documentation of immunizations must be from a licensed veterinarian.

Question:      Do I need to bring my dog's bed or a blanket?
Answer:       If your dog is staying in our indoor facility, we ask you to provide an old towel                           (which will not be returned).  We provide pet cots, so we ask that you do not                             bring dog beds.
Question:     Do I bring food and toys?
Answer:      Food for pet is to be provided by owner so they can stay on their own diet.
                    If you wish for TLK to provide food for your pet, the cost is $2 per day.  We allow                     you to bring tennis balls, but for the safety of all our guests, no rope toys or 
                    stuffed toys are allowed.

Question:     Can I call to check on my pet?
Answer:      Yes, or you may also text message.  We are happy to send a picture via text 
                     messaging during your pet's stay so that you will be assured that your pet is
                     happy. We are also on Facebook, and will  post a picture on Facebook of your
                    pet with your permission.  If you want a picture of your pet, however, more 
                    than a time or two during your pet's stay, you may wish to consider purchasing
                    our text plan, which includes a picture a day and costs $30 or $5 a day.

Question:     Will my dog be kept inside or outside?
Answer:       We have two options for lodging: Indoor Lodging and Outside Lodging.  Inside
                     lodging has heat/air conditioning and spacious kennels in our  Pet Lodge, 
                     with heat and air.  Our  Outside lodging  has kennels that are completely covered
                     with insulated dog houses. Prices vary. (See Rates and Policy Page)

Question:     What about immunizations and tick and flea treatments?
Answer:      All animals boarded or trained at TLK are required to have current                                             vaccinations and we require proof of current vaccinations from a licensed
                    veterinarian which include DHLPP (distemper/parvo/lepto), Rabies and                                     Bordetella . Expired Bordetella must be given at least three days prior to arrival at                     TLK. Your pet must be on flea/tick and heartworm prevention.  A negative                                 parasite exam must be provided.  We will not accept your pet without proof of                           required vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian. It is the responsibility of the                         pet owner to bring updated records.

Question:     What if my dog gets sick or injured?
Answer:      If vet care is required while staying at TLK, the owner will assume full  
                    financial responsibility and Twin Lakes Kennel will charge a $50 transportation

Question:    What method of payment do you accept?
Payment is required when pet is picked up.  We accept cash or debit/credit
                    cards - VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.  We do not accept 
                    checks.  A 3% charge will be applied to debit/credit card payments. The Kentucky                     Department of Revenue requires us to charge a 6% service tax on all transactions.                     Checks are not accepted. Customers who require long term boarding for their
                    pets, must keep a current credit card on file and it will be charged every 30 days.





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