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Boarding and Obedience Training

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Rates and Policies

*Boarding Charges:

We have two boarding options available for your pets: Outside Lodging or Inside Lodging.  

Our Outside Lodging has an insulated dog house and the 10'x5'x6' kennels are completely covered.  
Our Inside Lodging has the same size kennels, but is in the lodge with air conditioning/heat and pet cots are provided. 

The price for the Outside Lodging is discounted for all boarders and is $20 per day.

The price for the Inside Lodging is $28 per day. If your pet has been trained at TLK, Inside Lodging is offered at a discounted rate of $25 per day.

We also provide Doggie Day Camp to those who just want their pet to come for a day of fun.  It does not include an overnight stay and the price for this activity is $26 per day, no discounts apply.

If your dog is not spayed and goes into heat while she is here, there will be an additional charge of $5 a day.  Intact male dogs over 12 months of age will be charge an additional $2 per day for boarding.  

All cats are boarded in our Pet Lodge and the cost is $15.00 per day.  Customers are asked to provide food and cat liter. Male cats must be neutered.

Rates are per  day - just like the charge would be when you stay at a motel.  There will be a full day’s charge regardless of the time that your pet checks in.  If the pet is checked out and picked between 9am to 10am, there will be no charge for that day.  If the pet is picked up after that time slot, there will be a full day's charge.    

Our hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 9am to 12pm on Wednesdays; and 9am to 12pm Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and holidays for drop offs/pickups -  no exceptions.  We thank you for your consideration and understanding. If you need to schedule a pick up or drop off time prior to or after operating hours on Monday-Saturday, there will be a $10 charge.   

Training Charges

Basic Obedience Training is a 7 day program and the price starts at $525, depending on the age and breed.   If the pet needs to stay beyond 7 days,  daily boarding charges will be applied.

Behavioral Training is a 7 day program and the price starts at $550, depending on the age, breed and particular issues.  This training addresses any issues beyond the basic obedience training, such as severe jumping, not coming when called or special issues that are not covered in basic training.   If the pet needs to stay beyond 7 days, daily boarding charges will be applied.

Severe Aggression Behavioral Training is a 7-10 day program and costs $575+.  Possible reasons for your dog to need severe aggression behavioral training would be biting and aggression toward people, fear aggression, and extreme fear response (particularly loud stimuli). If TLK determines that your pet needs to stay beyond 7 days, daily boarding charges will be applied.

Assessment Fees:  If you want your dog to be assessed for training, it is a 2 day program and costs $100 plus a daily boarding charge.  If you choose to schedule a future training, full training fees will apply. 

Refresher Course:
If you have had your dog trained at TLK and want a refresher course, the charge is $50 plus the discounted boarding rate, with a minimum stay of 2 full days.

Twin Lakes Kennel, LLC reserves the right to have the final assessment on which type of training is needed and certain dog breeds are subject to higher fees, whether there is aggression or not.

Note:   Outdoor Lodging is included in all training charges.  If you want Indoor Lodging for your pet, there will be a $75 upgrade charge for the 7 day training period. 

Other Charges and Services

If your pet requires medication or vitamins, the cost for administration of pills/vitamins or sprays (which is to be provided by the customer) is a flat rate of $2 per day (if given 1 or 2 times a day). If medicine is required 3 times a day, cost is a flat rate of $4 a day. Cost to administer shots is $5 a day and ear or eye drops are $3 per administration and per day.

Bathing is available.  Prices start at $25, depending on pet.

If the pet owner chooses not to provide food, there will be a $2 per day charge for food.

If your pet needs to be taken to the vet while at TLK, there is a $50 transportation charge and the owner is responsible for vet charges.

*Please Note:  Boarding charges may be higher for certain dogs/breeds/size.

                                Method of Payment:
We accept cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards.  We do NOT accept checks.  There is a 3% processing fee on all debit/credit card transactions.  We require a $50 non-refundable deposit for training reservations and they are received over the phone by debit/credit cards only and a 3% processing fee will be charged. A 6% KY Service Tax is applied to services. 

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